Black Canyon, Nevada

In early October, I spent three days kayaking and camping with friends along Black Canyon on the  Colorado River. The striking thing about this trip was the abundance of hot creeks with pools to soak. It was also wonderful to float and paddle on the river with the canyon walls towering above us.  The trip started just below Hoover Dam and ended 12 miles down river at Willow Beach. Just up canyon from one of our camping spots was a hot creek that led up canyon to a delightful hot waterfall!

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Yosemite Tuolumne Meadows

I spent a week hiking in the eastern Sierra during the end of July.  The first day we hiked in the Bishop area.  After that we moved to camp at Tuolumne Meadows and hiked within Yosemite National Park.

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Half Dome Sunset

Here are the hikes we did:

  1.  North Lake trailhead to Piute Pass – 10 miles, 2,200 foot elevation gain to 11,400 feet
  2. Lembert Dome – This was a short loop hike to the top of the dome, about 5 miles and 1000 foot gain
  3. Lake of the Domes – We took the fisherman’s trail from Tioga Road to Lake of the Domes.  We hiked up Mariuolumne Dome and walked through the sparse forest to Lower Cathedral Lake.  (The name “Mariuolumne” comes from a combination of Mariposa and Tuolumne.) The distance was about 6 miles round trip with ab out 1,600 feet elevation gain.
  4. Lake of the Dome repeat – We went back to Lake of the Domes area, but followed a different route with some friends that joined us.  We started at Pywiack Dome and followed the spillway to the outlet of Lower Cathedral Lake.  From there we visited the Lakes of the Domes and came down through a steep gully. This distance was about 5 miles with 1,200 foot elevation gain and required a short car shuttle.
  5. Mount Hoffman – 10 miles, 2,400 foot elevation gain