Coyote Gulch Backpack – Day 4

On our last day in Coyote Gulch our group split up.  I choose to take the challenging climbing route out of Coyote Gulch  with one other friend to the Water Tank trailhead. The others took the hiking route via Hurricane Wash.  The climbing route was a thrill and challenge.  The view of Jacob Hamblin Arch from the top of the canyon was other-worldly.

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Jacob Hamblin Arch

Coyote Gulch Backpack – Day 3

Our third day in Coyote Gulch was one to relax and enjoy being here.  We hiked about a mile up river to a beautiful campsite we found the previous day.  We set our things down and explored up canyon toward the possible climbing route to exit Coyote Gulch.  On the way, we ran into a Mormon quartet singing in a magnificent stone cathedral.  Their beautiful voices echoed off the stone walls filling us with awe and reverence. Later in the day, we relaxed back in camp, played games, and bathed in the river.  What a delightful day! We are so blessed!

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