Autumn in the Eastern Sierra #2

Here are a few more photo from my eastern Sierra autumn trip.

Most of the colorful aspens throughout the areas I visited this year were shades of yellow and gold. I found a few areas with oranges in the mix. I discovered just how varied and temperamental the leaf change is as you change elevations and conditions. At 7,500 feet the aspens were still mostly green. In the photo below, taken at about 9,000 feet, there must have been a wind that came through, since many of the branches were already bare.

Golden Aspens – October 2021 (Prints Available)
Painterly Aspens (October 2021)

I was standing beside the lake, along with several other photographers. It was probably around 6:30am when I arrived. I had my tripod set in a location that I determined the previous evening. We were chatting and waiting for sunrise. Sunrise came and went, creating a soft glow on the mountains. I continued to wait and chat, wondering what the light would do when it hit the ridges on the other side of the lake. I watched as the light hit the tips of the peaks and slowly move down the mountain. There must have been some clouds toward the horizon behind me, which allowed itself to create a soft spotlight on the aspens down by the lake. Within moments, the effect had passed.

Breaking Through (October 2021)

Toward the end of my week, a minor snow storm passed through. I decided to explore areas along this creek for compositions. It was snowing during both of these photos below.

Snowy Creek (October 2021)
Autumn Snow (October 2021)

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Autumn in the Eastern Sierra

I took a week in early October in the eastern Sierra Mountains, wandering around creeks in the aspens, enjoying the fall colors. Unfortunately, smoke from the fires in Sequoia National Park drifted into the area soon after I arrived and stayed for most of the week. Here are a few photos from early in the week. More will come later.

Aspen Palette – October 2021
Aspen and Pine – October 2021
Aspen Wood – October 2021

Calendars and the World Wildlife Fund

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Audience of Stones – Laguna Mountains 2019 (Prints Available)