Death Valley Dunes 2022

Each year, for the past 10-20 years, I have been gathering a collection of my best photos of the year and presenting them to friends locally as a slideshow, sometime including short video clips. These slideshows are presented as a short video/movies set to a musical background. Each pre-recorded segment lasts anywhere for 3 -8 minutes but are usually shorter. However, when presenting live, I often pause the video to give background about some shots and answer questions. These presentations started as presentations of backpacking trips or treks documenting and sharing my experience in remote places. These days I am more focused on the art of photography and visual composition.

Here is one short segment for a recent event. These photos were taken during two separate outings to the sand dunes in Death Valley National Park. The first outing was in mid-January. The second outing was in early March. We didn’t know there would be such high winds on the March visit, but luckily we were prepared with goggles and face masks.

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Death Valley Dunes – winter 2022

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Awards and Coffee

La Costa Coffee Roasting Co.

Starting later this week I will have a gallery of photos on display and for sale at La Costa Coffee Roasting in Carlsbad. To celebrate this, I invite anyone in the area to to stop by this Saturday, January 14 from 9am to 10am. I will be there during those times. However, if you can’t make it this Saturday, you can view my photos there until March 8. The address is:
La Costa Coffee Roasting Co.
6955 El Camina Real
Carlsbad CA 92009
The forecast calls for another rainy day, a nice day for a cup of hot coffee or hot chocolate! I hope to see you there!

Natural Landscape Photography Awards

I have been honored with several of my photos doing very well in contests over the past year. One photo in particular , Dancers in the Meadow, has gotten accolades in several contests and did exceptionally well in the Natural Landscape Photography Awards. The image didn’t win, but made it to the final round of judging with 26 images out of over 8,000. This image will be published in their upcoming book.

One of the contest organizers, Tim Parkin, wrote an elegant description of this photo in On Landscape magazine,

“In a stunning example of complex composition, Lawrence has recognized the potential of the scene and found the perfect position that allows all of its elements to play a part in a coherent, if complex, whole. The two key trees in the center lean over the central smaller tree as if in a dance. The two smaller trees on the left bow in their presence. All of this would still appear off balance if it weren’t for the reaching arms of the maple on the far left. Even the right side is ‘closed’ nicely by the spiraling trunk of the last tree. And we haven’t even mentioned that glorious color of sandstone, desert varnish and maple. A textbook example of resolving complexity.”

Dancers in the Meadow, Zion National Park, 2020 (Click the image to view larger.)

International Landscape Photographer of the Year

Another one of my photos did very well in a different contest, the International Landscape Photographer of the Year, The photo titled “Snowy Pines” scored in the top 101 and will be printed in their 2022 competition book. You can view an online version of the book here. Scroll to the bottom of the webpage to view the book. My photo is on page 93.

Snowy Pine, 2021

Prints for Sale

Finally, any of my photos are available as prints for sale. I can print ready-to-hang on metal, canvas, or acrylic with professional print labs. I can print professional quality unframed on paper at home up to 18″ x 12″ Check out my website for more information and to see my images.