Northern Utah Autumn Colors

Before I get to the the main write-up I want to mention that I have been honored by having one of my photos published in the Natural Landscape Photography Awards fine-art book. The quality; presentation and writing in this book is outstanding!

Aspen Bow

I took a few days at the end of September and start of October this year to explore the mountains around Salt Lake City. I timed my visit for what is usually the peak fall season for the area. Unfortunately, probably due to warmer than usual weather, most areas were a week or more behind the norm. It was beautiful none-the-less and and we did find small pockets of fall colors.

Morning Mist on the Lake
More than a Tree – An aspen tree is often interconnected underground to other aspens in such a way as to make it part of a larger living organism, more than a single tree.
Evening Meadow
Solo Observer
Clinging to Earth

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