Prints Available

Most of my photos are available to purchase. There are two ways to do this. You can contact me and let me know which photo you are interested. I will have it printed and/or mounted locally. In this case I will be able to inspect it before it goes out, work with the printer and you will receive a signed copy.

The other way to purchase is through my online store. In case you didn’t notice, I started adding a “Prints Available” clickable link at the bottom of some photos. If you click this link it takes you to that photo in my online store where you can purchase it. The online store offers a variety of products, including art prints on various materials, greeting cards and puzzles.

Calendar Sales

I am ending my campaign to raise money through calendar sales, though you can still purchase one. As promised all proceeds from sales were donated to an environmental group. I raised $288 and split it between two groups. $200 went to The Nature Conservancy. I liked that they were matching donations, so $200 became a $400 donation. I donated $88 to the World Wildlife Fund. Among other things, I like that they offer materials and programs to help educate youth about how to take care of the environment.

THANK YOU to everyone who purchased a calendar! And if you still want one, click here.

Loose Ends

Here are a few photos from November/December this year.

Oak Hill (Prints Available)
This photo was taken one foggy morning near Lake Henshaw. I was driving to a pullout to walk around, but on the way I noticed this tree on the hill.
Butternut Oak (Prints Available)
The Chapel of Saint Francis

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Virgin River Narrows

I timed my Utah trip this year to experience the Virgin River Narrows with fall color in early November. Wow! I loved it.

For the shot below, I got to a bend in the river and got consumed exploring the scene photographically. I choose to put the calm water in the foreground with the sandy bench and autumn trees in the mid-ground and the curve of the canyon and its light in the background.

Of course, the Narrows are very popular, and there were lots of people passing through my scene. It was nearly impossible to find a moment with no one in the shot. But I didn’t mind since I knew I could take multiple shots and blend the shots to remove the people. I also worked with long exposures where moving people don’t show in the photo. As long as people were moving I was good. Two people were particularly kind to look at me cautiously when they stepped into my scene. I signaled for them to go ahead, not knowing they planned to sit down and eat lunch …without moving. Eventually they moved on and I got the shot.

Bend in the River (Prints Available)

I didn’t get much further up the river when I found another captivating scene and took my time to explore compositions. I like the one below as it features the motion of the water.

Rocks in the River (Prints Available)

I spent my whole day photographing in the short distance between these two bends in the river. When I was looking for a better angle for my shot in the scene above, my friend returned from her solo exploration up river. I was trying to find a spot to position myself so as to remove the big boulder from my composition. Instead, when she showed up, I asked her to sit on it.

Contemplating on a Rock in the River

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