Carlsbad Coast

One of my favorite places to take photos is along the coast in Carlsbad since it is so close to home. I love to explore the photo opportunities presented by the pools and rocks that are exposed at different tides.

The Shores at Carlsbad
Sunset Surfer
Hues of Blues – I discovered the magic that a long exposure can bring to a photo with this shot. Over time, the camera can see subtle colors that our eye barely perceives. This was a 33 second exposure.
Tidal Moon – Look closely. There is a tiny reflection of the moon the bottom center of the photo.
Coasting Home

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Kayaking on the Loxahatchee River

Last week I went for a 4-mile kayak trip on the Loxahatchee River in Riverbend Park in Florida. This was my 3rd time on the river. While there, we observed two alligators, many turtles and some interesting birds. It was a comfortable 80° F. The river, in the section we visited, is about as wide as a one or two lane road with many sharp twists and turns.

Sleeping Alligator

The alligator was resting on the bank in a bend in the river. The current initially pushed us toward it, which was a little scary. Once we got past it and out of the current, we paddled back for another view.

On the River
Florida Red-Bellied Cooter
Launch Pad of the Florida Red-Bellied Cooter
Gathering of Turtles – I didn’t realize until I looked at this photo later that one of the turtles is a Florida Soft-Shelled Turtle.

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