Elderberry Canyon

In my ski mountaineering days, I used to drive past this mountain and wonder about skiing down the long slope in the canyon you see on its face. When I learned that a Sierra club group planned a ski this, I joined the outing. We started the ascent below snow level, carrying skis on packs. When we reached snow, we put on our skis and skinned up the canyon to just below the peak wall. We didn’t go to the peak which would have been too extreme. We skied the canyon. For me it was lots of “kick turns” and falls. 

Elevation: 13,652′
Before Sunrise
First Rays of the Day

Later in the morning I went scouting for sunrise photo compositions along the creek near this white bridge for another day. Most of the grasses and shrubs were covered with frost.

White Bridge

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These photos are included here, same album as posted the previous week.

Five Degrees

My day began at 5am for the one hour drive to my photo location. On the way, I entered a heavy fog and wondered if I should turn back. I slowed my speed due to poor visibility. As I drove the fog cleared, but rolled in again. I arrived at my location in the snow and light fog about an hour still before sunrise. The sky was just beginning to fill with hints of color filtering though the cool fog. I knew immediately this light was special! Normally we see these beautifully colored clouds in the sky at sunrise or sunset. In this case I was in one of those clouds! It felt like heaven. Except is was 5 degrees F.

Winter Unveiled

I stayed there for over an hour as the fog rolled in and out and the colors shifted.

Winter River

I have since noted the purple-pink-violet clouds high above during a Sierra sunrise or sunset on other winter days.

Blue Dawn – The fog drifts back in.

I took this last photo (below) at 7:25 AM. The amazing light had flattened. I headed down the road to search form more photo opportunities. This morning was the highlight of a week of travel.

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