A Day on Palomar Mountain

It is nice that the storm track is bringing wet weather to California. It is also bringing great conditions for photography. Last week, I took advantage of this and headed up to Palomar Mountains. Fog was forecast for the morning, but I got a late start and missed the morning fog. I decided to take the opportunity to explore a new area and experiment with compositions. Later in the day I returned to this location. The clouds had lowered onto the mountain top. Here are two shots I got from this location at the end day.

Forest Blues
Gnarly Tree

I also experimented with ICM (Intentional Camera Movement).

Splash in the Forest

September Wanderings

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I took several small local trips over the month of September. My favorite trip was a day in the Laguna Mountains with the disintegrating Hurricane Kay passing through the area. When I arrived in the mountains I was greeted by one of my favorite conditions: fog. This first shot was taken while the fog was rolling through.


A few moments later there was a downpour and I took shelter in my car. I drove up the road to another location. By then the rain had stopped. I love the spaciousness and interaction between these trees. Each tree has its own character. For this shot it was a tree party!

Friendly Gathering

Later in the day, the low clouds cleared and I set off on a short hike to catch the sunset on Garnet Peak. The hike to peak was very special. The mountains had gotten a lot of rain over the past few days. I was surprised to see the high desert with fresh, vibrant blooms.

Glowing Peak
Mountain Layers – This was taken while hiking down from the same peak on a different day, later in the month.

On another day, I got up at sunrise to hike a section of Daley Ranch. It was foggy again!

Oak and Buckwheat

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