Into the Redwood Forest – Part I

I resonate with the forest. I love the cool greens and blues with the warm yellows. I love being under the shade of the canopy with sunlight spotlighting areas below. I love the peace and the rustle of a breeze in the leaves.

Redwood Forest – Early morning light filters through the forest canopy.
A Cool Morning
Light in the Forest – Sunlight illuminates the branches of this tree, leaving the background in darkness.
Rhododendron Song
The roots of a toppled redwood tree looks like some fantastical creature.
Clench the Earth – Trees sometime start out on a nursery log, a decomposing fallen tree. Eventually the nursery log rots away, leaving the new growth’s roots suspended over what used to be.

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…to be continued

Northern Coastal Redwoods

I took a few days exploring the redwoods along the northern California coast this August. What a magical place! Walking among the giant trees, it was easy to be transported to fantastical lands of imagined places long ago.

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The Tall Trees Grove in Redwood National Park is home to the tallest trees in the world. Walking among these giants is a magical and wonderful experience!
Driving along the Avenue of the Redwoods, I found this dirt road. I pulled off and walked a few hundred feet from my car for this shot.
Some rocks near Wedding Rock at Patrick’s Point State Park
A self-portrait at the base of a giant redwood. Each day I was in awe of these giants!
I saw this stranger with her camera. I asked her to stay right there. She asked me to do the same for her photo.
This beach is near Dry Lagoon. We went here after dinner to experience the sunset on the coast. I found one lone strand of cloud to add interest to my photo.