Into the Redwood Forest – Part I

I resonate with the forest. I love the cool greens and blues with the warm yellows. I love being under the shade of the canopy with sunlight spotlighting areas below. I love the peace and the rustle of a breeze in the leaves.

Redwood Forest – Early morning light filters through the forest canopy.
A Cool Morning
Light in the Forest – Sunlight illuminates the branches of this tree, leaving the background in darkness.
Rhododendron Song
The roots of a toppled redwood tree looks like some fantastical creature.
Clench the Earth – Trees sometime start out on a nursery log, a decomposing fallen tree. Eventually the nursery log rots away, leaving the new growth’s roots suspended over what used to be.

To view the complete collection, go to “Into the Redwood Forest.”

…to be continued

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