Oregon Coast (continued)

I spend a few days driving along the Oregon Coast. It was so beautiful. I made a note of several places that I hope to re-visit. My first stop on my journey south was the Cape Perpetua area to a tide pool feature called Thor’s Well. It was fascinating watching how the water pushed and receded through this hole. I spend hours photographing it.

Pulse of the Sea

When hiking up from the coast to my car, I was drawn to and distracted by the vivid green patterns in the ground cover.

To Stand Out

There was a light rain and gentle mist or fog at times. At times, the sun broke through. I stopped along the road to capture the Heceta Head Lighthouse with the fog blowing in and out.

Lighthouse in the Mist

On the following day, I stopped and spent a few hours at Shore Acres State Park. While walking around, I discovered their botanical garden. What a gem! It was about 9am and I had the gardens to myself.

Garden by the Sea

In Shore Acres State Park, there is an area called Miner White’s Wall. It is a sandstone area, shaped and sculpted by the ocean’s fury. I found many interesting shapes there. Here is one that looks a bit like a turtle.

The Turtle

For my third day on the coast I stopped along the Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor, just north of Brookings. I already wrote about this area in my previous post. Since it was close to where I stayed in California, I was able to come back to this area a few times. Again, I discovered the wonders in the ground cover as I explored for where to capture a grand scene.

Lily of the Valley

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