Autumn Meets Winter in Yosemite

While I was traveling in the eastern Sierra and southern Utah, I developed a strong desire to visit Yosemite Valley in autumn. I initially put it in my mind to do this the following fall season. When I saw a storm system heading to the Sierra with possible snow in Yosemite Valley, I made a last-minute choice to visit this year.

On my first morning in the park, I started the day at Tunnel View. It was a great morning with the storm clearing out mixed with some brief, lingering showers.

Clearing Storm No. 1
Cottonwood Rain No. 2
Peak in Clouds
The Young One
Christmas Presence
Rock in the Forest
Frosted Ferns

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A Few Days in Capitol Reef National Park

After Zion, I took a few days in Capitol Reef National Park. My primary focus turned out to be the cottonwood trees and sunstars shining through the trees. On the day I arrived I saw the possibility of a great sunset, but I didn’t know where to go to capture it.

Down by the Lake

I ended up exploring a national forest area outside the park. It turned out to be an amazing sunset, but I didn’t have a great composition. This is the best I was able to do.

Fire in the Sky
Cottonwood Canyon
Carefree Cottonwood
Bridge to Other Times

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