A Few Days in Capitol Reef National Park

After Zion, I took a few days in Capitol Reef National Park. My primary focus turned out to be the cottonwood trees and sunstars shining through the trees. On the day I arrived I saw the possibility of a great sunset, but I didn’t know where to go to capture it.

Down by the Lake

I ended up exploring a national forest area outside the park. It turned out to be an amazing sunset, but I didn’t have a great composition. This is the best I was able to do.

Fire in the Sky
Cottonwood Canyon
Carefree Cottonwood
Bridge to Other Times

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Autumn in Zion

I took about a week in Zion National Park in Utah. I was skeptical about going to Zion after having such a great time in the eastern Sierra, but that quickly changed. When I go out photographing I never know what I am going to find. While in Zion I found great autumn colors. But one day we had snow at the higher elevations.

Roots – Eastern Canyons of Zion

While driving in Zion, the day after the storm, I saw cars covered with snow coming from the higher elevations. I made up my mind to drive to the snow. I ended up in Bryce Canyon National Park at an elevation of about 8,000 feet.

Winter Wind in the Trees
Alone on a Hill
Winter Pines
Hoodoos of Bryce

After a day in the snow, I returned to the canyons of Zion. The storm had briefly filled some of the washes, taking away footprints and leaving patterns in the sand. The two colorful leaves in the photo below were placed there by me. The small brown leave was placed there by nature.

Sandy Wash after the Storm
Cliff Dwellers

On the following day I visited a higher elevation canyon in Zion and found the area delightfully dusted with snow from the days before.

Frosting of Snow
Dancers in a Snowy Meadow
Frosty Leaves
Tracks – I was initially drawn to the rocks in the colorful sand. The tracks were an added bonus.

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