The Best of 2020

Here are my top 12 photos of 2020 in the order in which they occurred. It was not easy to narrow the picks, so I have a link to a larger “Best of…” collection here.

If you see something you would like to have as a print, please contact me with the title of the photo, size, and any other information. Enjoy!

Del Dios Sunrise (December 2019)

Del Dios Sunrise was taken at the end of last year. This is a hike I often do as a workout. This morning I was hiking up to an overlook of the lake below, but I got started too late. This hike usually takes about 1.5 hours. I was about 1 hour in and I was going to miss the good light of sunrise. Just then I noticed, in twilight-darkness, a turn-off from the trail that took me to this amazing view, only 2 minutes from the main trail. What a find! Serendipitous! There is a lake under all those clouds.

Spring brought the Covid-19 shutdown and the closing of almost all trails. I resorted to hiking my neighborhood and taking photos on gardens. My favorite of these was this rose. The sun was just emerging from behind the side of house and softly backlighting the rose.

Emerging Rose! (April 2020)

In June I traveled to Utah. On one of my days there, I hiked this beautiful slot canyon. I learned to observe how the light plays off the walls of the canyon, changing with every step.

Crooked Tunnel, Utah (June)

I went backpacking in July to one of my favorite locations in the Sierra Mountains. My main goal here was to capture the Milky Way over the mountains, but the photo below was my favorite, as the remnants of a storm was just clearing out.

Stones in the Lake, Ansel Adams Wilderness, Sierra Mountains, California (July)

In October I spent a week in Zion National Park, wandering the canyons, amongst amazing fall colors.

Boxelder Solo, Zion National Park, Utah (October)

While wandering the canyons, I came across several other photographers. One was kind enough to offer a suggestion of another canyon to explore in a different section of the park. There was one meadow at this location where I spent several hours, it was so beautiful. I would hear other hikers pass by the meadow with quiet exclamations of awe.

Dancers in the Meadow, Zion National Park, Utah
Ponderosa and Maple, Zion National Park (October 2020)
The Crack, Zion National Park, (October 2020)

In November I went to Death Valley National Park to experience a sand storm on the dunes.

Launch, Death Valley National Park, California (November 2020)

Snow came the San Diego mountains in early November. While hiking, I noticed the gnarly roots of these two giant oaks clutching the ground. The forest of Palomar Mountain State Park is different than others in southern California. I think it gets more moisture, thus the it is surprising lush.

Giant Toes, Palomar Mountain State Park, California (November 2020)
Sunset at the Pier, Oceanside, California (November 2020)
Sunrise Warrior, Lake Henshaw, California (December 2020)

Thank you for following my blog. I hope you all have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

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Sunrise Warrior

One leafless willow tree with clumps mistletoe grasping its branches stands out in the meadow. In the past I called this tree Humble Warrior. I love the way one large limb bows low to the ground. I stood in the foggy meadow waiting for the dawning day to make something happen with the light. The moment came when the sun broke through the mist over a distant ridge. The fog cleared just enough to reveal the disc of sun. In a moment another wave of fog concealed it again. My new name for this tree is Sunrise Warrior.

Foggy Dawn
Sunrise Warrior 2
Sunrise Warrior 4

I added these photos to my previously published Lake Henshaw collection.