Southwestern Desert

The last week in August I participated in a photo safari (workshop) in the southwestern desert. It felt like a safari because we had to use 4-wheel drive vehicles to get to our locations. The landscape was the subject, not animals. We went to a few different locations. We used dim lights to illuminate the landscape at night. The first stop was a place called White Pocket in northern Arizona, where we camped after taking photographs past midnight.

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Alone on a Stone: A lonely tree sits under the Milky Way, contemplating the celestial journey. To the right, peaceful Jupiter looks on.
Inchworm Arch in Utah

On the final day of the workshop we went to a short but scenic slot canyon near Kanab, Utah.

I loved wandering in the slot canyon and finding photo opportunities. My tripod was set up so I just jumped into this shot.

On the way home, I stopped in Zion National Park.

Three trees perched high on a slick rock ledge in Zion National Park.

On the Border

After the meetup trip to Utah, I traveled with a friend for a few days to destinations along the border of Utah and Arizona.

The last photos in the series were taken at Kanarra Creek Falls while standing in icy waters.  It took my feet more than three hours to thaw and many more hours to stop wondering what happened. Though my feet where complaining, I loved the adventure!

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Here are a few of our destinations.

Park Avenue in Arches National Park
Natural Bridges National Monument
Monument Valley
Lower Antelope Canyon
Kanarra Creek Falls