Falls Colors in the Eastern Sierra

In early October I ventured along the eastern Sierra Mountains for a few days in search of things to point my camera at. The eastern Sierra during fall is very active with photographers from all over the state and some from other states. It was interesting to pull over on the road where there was no one. Within seconds, others often pulled over at the same spot. You can follow the changing conditions each year on this California Fall Color Map.

Blue Dawn – Each morning I was up at dawn, usually going to the this lake where there were always other photographers.
Embracing Autumn – A few aspens are beginning to change their colors, snuggled between ever-green cousins.
Middle Fork Bishop Creek
Sabrina Autumn – This is the view on the way to Lake Sabrina with Picture Peak in distance.
Forest Path – I explored along this short trail along the road to North Lake.

… and click here are a few more photos.

Sunrise at Del Dios Highlands

Last week I gathered with a small group of friends. We met at 5 am. The plan was to hike the 3+ miles to the overlook to be there before sunrise to catch the pre-sunrise light. Unfortunately, we got off to a rough start. After hiking up hill for about 10-15 minutes, I realized I forgot my camera in the car. The others were kind enough to encourage me to go back while they waited. Twenty minutes later I was back with camera. An hour and 15 minutes later we were on the summit. I quickly set up my tripod and took the first photo you see below.

Before the Sun

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