Hollenbeck Canyon

I visited Hollenbeck Canyon Wildlife area for my first time this spring. I liked it so much that I returned a few times since. This write-up is about all those visits. What I liked about it was the varied landscape of rolling grasslands (once farmland), wooded canyon, and chaparral hillsides.

On March 31, I was joined by Alex and Joe. Thank you to Alex for introducing me to this place on this visit. We were going mainly to photograph in a grove of oak trees, but I found the rolling grasslands equally attractive. We met at the trailhead shortly after sunrise.

Fence and Meadow – March 31, 2021
Old Oak along the Road – March 31, 2021
Arch of Oaks – March 31, 2021

Click here to see Alex’s photos from this outing and here to see Joe’s photos.

Wishbone Bush – March 31, 2021

I returned to Hollenbeck a few weeks later, on April 5, with a few hiking friends. This time we did a 7.5-mile loop hike that included the Honey Springs Trail. It was a gorgeous morning as the low clouds burned away.

Fog Lifting – April 5, 2021
Golden Fields – April 5, 2021

I returned one last time a few days ago. While on my previous visit, I captured a scene that I thought might look good at sunset. I came back this time, late in the day. To get to this spot, I approached the area through a less-used trail and hiked along a ridge. The light at the end of the day, with long shadows, is always beautiful.

Silhouetted Hills – April 24, 2021
Old Dirt Road at Sunset – April 24, 2021