Faces in the Forest

On the rainy day of the trip, while I was photographing rhododendrons in the forest, another friend was on a different trail photographing abstracts in a colorful log. He described this to me the following day. I knew exactly the log he was talking about since I had photographed it the previous year, but I didn’t notice the variations of color in the details at the time. On a subsequent day, I went there and found the tree and the colors. But I also found abstracts of faces. They sort of jumped out at me.

Ancient Inhabitants
Locked in Wood
Lady of the Wood
Fish Face

I also captured this intimate scene of the ferns growing on the log.

Fern Scene

The tree below is a fascinating example of a sapling that started on a fallen tree. Over the time, the fallen tree rots away leaving the roots reaching to the ground like the legs of an octopus and the tree suspended above. I took a version of this the previous year, which you can see here.

Octopus Tree

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Sun and Fog in the Redwoods

I love the mood that a light fog creates in the forest. Sun rays coming through that fog is magical. I experienced this on one of my days in the redwoods. The day started with some pretty thick fog. A friend of mine showed me a composition with a twisted branch from a few days before. While walking the trail, I noticed this same branch and started exploring other ways to capture the scene. I took many versions of the photo below. If you want to see others, check out all the photos from this trip here.

The Understory IV
Light in the Forest
Ancient Woodlands
In a Spotlight

When I was just about done, I noticed this backlit web catching the sun. I put on my 100-400 lens and shot this at 400mm in crop-sensor mode.

Forest Web

To view all the photos from this trip to the redwoods of northern California, click here.