Faces in the Forest

On the rainy day of the trip, while I was photographing rhododendrons in the forest, another friend was on a different trail photographing abstracts in a colorful log. He described this to me the following day. I knew exactly the log he was talking about since I had photographed it the previous year, but I didn’t notice the variations of color in the details at the time. On a subsequent day, I went there and found the tree and the colors. But I also found abstracts of faces. They sort of jumped out at me.

Ancient Inhabitants
Locked in Wood
Lady of the Wood
Fish Face

I also captured this intimate scene of the ferns growing on the log.

Fern Scene

The tree below is a fascinating example of a sapling that started on a fallen tree. Over the time, the fallen tree rots away leaving the roots reaching to the ground like the legs of an octopus and the tree suspended above. I took a version of this the previous year, which you can see here.

Octopus Tree

To view all the photos from this trip to the redwoods of northern California, click here.

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