Nature’s Sand Art

When I first saw the tree-like image, Patterns in the Sand by Adam Gibbs, taken along the BC coast of Canada, I wished I could be there to find such designs. About a year later, I was listening to a photography podcast in which I was introduced to the work of Huibo Hou. She spoke of a photo project in which she was capturing images like this along the Southern California coast. She titled her collection Nature’s Botanical Sand Art. It was then that I realized these patterns could be found a short distance from my own home and I set about exploring the shore. I had been walking over them for years.

Here is a small collection of what I found over several visits.

Sand Art at Sunset, November 2021
The Dragon, March 2022
Nature’s Sand Art, April 2022
Petal Pebble, April 2022
The Blue Flame, March 2022

Here is more of my current collection of Nature’s Sand Art.

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