Northern Utah Autumn Colors

Before I get to the the main write-up I want to mention that I have been honored by having one of my photos published in the Natural Landscape Photography Awards fine-art book. The quality; presentation and writing in this book is outstanding!

Aspen Bow

I took a few days at the end of September and start of October this year to explore the mountains around Salt Lake City. I timed my visit for what is usually the peak fall season for the area. Unfortunately, probably due to warmer than usual weather, most areas were a week or more behind the norm. It was beautiful none-the-less and and we did find small pockets of fall colors.

Morning Mist on the Lake
More than a Tree – An aspen tree is often interconnected underground to other aspens in such a way as to make it part of a larger living organism, more than a single tree.
Evening Meadow
Solo Observer
Clinging to Earth

To see more from this adventure, click here.

6 thoughts on “Northern Utah Autumn Colors

  1. From the Northern Utah photos, I particularly like the one labeled “Sentinels”, where you took the photo upward and smartly captured the sense of height and majesty of the Aspens.


  2. Thank you for these stunning photos. They are exquisite. Congratulations too on your photo entry. What a beautiful art! Radha Soami 🙏

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  3. Wonderful finds, compositions and processing. Your work is very natural so I can see why you won that honor. I too have been busy photographing the aspens here in Colorado’s San Juans. I especially love the first image. Is that the one that will be in the book?


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