Autumn in the Eastern Sierra #1

I recently returned from several weeks of travel. The inspiration to get out was the fall color but I found plenty of other interesting subjects. I’ll have several post upcoming with many great photos. My trip started with several days in the eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains.

The Sierra Mountains are very special to me. I consider these mountains my backyard. For over 30 years, each summer I would go backpacking for several days at a time exploring and climbing these mountains. What a joy and blessing to be able to journey far into the wilderness, both on and off trails. I had so many extraordinary moments in nature.

The first photo was taken during the soft light of blue hour, after sunset, on the day I arrived. This is a mix of pines, aspens, and willows.

Peaceful Meadow

The next morning we started in the same canyon, but at a lake that I have shot many times before. The aspens at this lake were mostly bare already so I decided to focus on abstracts with the mountain light reflecting in the ripples on the water.

Fire on Water #1

Fire on Water #2

Later in the morning I returned to the pathway (below) that I had discovered on a previous year, and found it bathed in yellow and gold with sunlight filtering through the aspen leaves.

Golden Path

I will post the next installment from this trip in a few days.

6 thoughts on “Autumn in the Eastern Sierra #1

  1. These photographs are so lovely. I feel like I have been on the trail with you. I especially love the tree covered path and your narrative about your journey.



    1. I already have plans to come up that way in May. I will send you an email with some dates. I looked at your collection and liked the first black and white one with the rocks and small pool in the sand. I also liked the first wave about to break.


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