Autumn in the Eastern Sierra #2

Over the next days I moved north, basing myself in Lee Vining. From there I explored areas south along the June Lake Loop and north toward Conway Summit. Here are some photos from the rest of the trip. But I start with an abstract image of the mountain reflected in the ripples of the lake from my first day.

To see a larger collection of images from this trip, click here. You will be directed to my main website which has a much better viewing experience on a large screen.


The next three images were taken along the June Lake Loop, an area that I have only just begun to explore.

Colorful Trunks
Aspen under Pines
Creekside Colors

The next four photos were from a high vantage point were you can look down on an expanse of aspens, open lands, and a mix of willows. I especially love the texture and soft blue-purple of the willow bushes. All of these photos were taken in the soft light after sunset until it was almost dark.

Willows and Aspen
Aspen River
Twilight on Aspens
Aspen Willow Panorama

The eastern Sierra portion of my trip ended with a visit to some wild horses in the grasslands. I stood around observing the horses for about an hour hoping to see some action. They mostly stood around too.

Wild Horses

To see a collection of images from this trip, click here.

10 thoughts on “Autumn in the Eastern Sierra #2

  1. I like your mix of images with sparse but very colorful trees to the abstracts to the lively horses. Keep up the fun outings and sharing some of your photos.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. The compressed wave frequency at the bottom would indicate it to be further away, but hey who is doing a forensic analysis here.
        It is a really good image and is an inspiration. I once saw someone put a large tray of water in the foreground to make a nice nighttime reflection of the Dallas skyline in the bottom of the frame. I am sure folks thought it was just a reflection of the Trinity river.


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