Eastern Sierra and Mount Whitney

I spent several days in December hiking and photographing areas along the eastern Sierra. During this time, I visited two very special places. One of those was finding a high camp with a direct view of the Sierra Crest and Mount Whitney. To top it off, it was a full moon that night.

Moonlit Crest – A full moon rises on the Sierra Mountains with clouds shrouding the high peaks. This is a 20 second exposure which gives the clouds that soft look.
Sierra Moonset – The mountains glow in predawn light as the full moon nears the western horizon.
Lone Pine Peak: Elevation: 12,949′
Mount Whitney – Elevation: 14,505′
Rising – Mount Whitney rises from the desert to 14,505 feet.

Willows in the Mist

On the way to my second day at snowy Vulcan Mountain Wilderness Preserve, I stopped at Lake Henshaw for sunrise in the mist. These photos turned out to be some of my favorites from this year. I love the simplicity of form and color. The fog makes it possible to obscure the distracting elements from a photo.


The fog thickened and thinned, but I didn’t expect to see the sun. I was surprised when the it rose above the distant hills in the mist, showing a dimly lit ball. I had only a few moments to capture this photo before the sun was blown out by its own brightness.

Sun in Willows

Later the shifting fog nearly totally cleared from the lake, only to return a few minutes later.

Willows in the Mist

Finally snowy mountains revealed themselves on the northern horizon, the prominent one being Hot Springs Mountain.

Hot Springs Mountain

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