Sage and Sunrise

A few years ago, I hiked up this hilltop near my home and was struck by the abundance and density of these vibrant purple flowers. I had never seen them before and have never since seen so many clustered in one place. I made a note of the time of year – late June and early July. On the following year, I returned around the same time for the same wonderful display. Later that year I returned in the fall (without the flowers) to capture the sunrise. You can see those photos here. Just a few days ago, I returned again, this time to capture the sage and sunrise.

5:52 am – Sunrise
5:53 am – Hilltop Garden
5:54 am – Sun and Sage
Light on Cleveland Sage

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The Misty Forest

The other day I went to one of my favorite places in the local mountains. I could see from home that the mountains were in the clouds. When I got there and throughout the rest of the afternoon I wandered through the misty forests of Palomar Mountain. What a treat! It was one of those days when you feel in sync and one moment flows to the next with ease.

The Misty Forest
Creek in the Forest
Trail at Doane Pond
Branching Oak

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