Zion in Autumn

In late October, I spent a week roaming the canyons and creek beds in Zion National Park. Fall color was on full display! I often found myself so immersed capturing photos that I lost track of time. Many of the photos I took over these days were small scenes such as a trees or leaves on the ground.

It has been hard to select the best to share with you. Below are some of my favorites. I have a larger selection on my website here.

Boxelder Solo – This tree stands alone in the bottom of a canyon
Ponderosa Autumn – The tall trunk is a ponderosa, surrounded by the yellowing leaves of a cottonwood and the red of a big -leaf maple.

The following four photos were all taken in and around a small meadow that was bathed in beautiful light reflected off the red sandstone walls of the canyon. I spent a few hours in this location. I was within ear-shot of the trail and others passing by. Again and again I heard people exclaim, “Wow! So beautiful!”

Autumn Oaks
Laughing Leaves
Autumn Gold
Dancers in the Meadow – I loved how these trees twisted and leaned around each other. They appeared to be involved in a wonderful dance, aware of each other and frozen in time.

The photos below were taken along the Left Fork of North Creek. It is a challenging hike because of several obstacles in the route. The reward is capturing the scenes below. The first shot is “The Subway.” I had seen many pictures of this place before, so seeing it with my own eyes was like meeting a famous movie star.

Reflecting Change (The Subway)
Serene Falls
Archangel Falls
The Crack

I have a larger selection on my website here. Enjoy!