Desert Tears

My last stop on my Utah trip was Zion National Park. A friend joined me for sunrise at Observation Point. We started our 3+ mile hike at 6am and arrived at the canyon overlook one and a half hours later, about 1/2 hour before sunrise.

Overlooking the Canyon

After sunrise at Observation Point, we headed to the canyons on the eastern side of the park. I didn’t carry much camera gear to allow me to travel lighter. I had one lens and a tripod. To my surprise we stumbled into a wonderful area with a string of small pools of water in the rock. I didn’t realize it until I got home and looked at the photos that the pool below is shaped lake a teardrop.

Desert Tears (Prints Available)
String of Pools
Stone Spots (Prints Available)

Along the way, we found some interesting patterns in the sandstone.

Snoopy and the Dragon

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Back to the Badlands

Here are few remaining photos of the badlands.

This first photo was captured on the day I arrived in Capitol Reef National Park. After shooting photos at sunset, I was on the way back to my hotel. I decided to check out the scene on the Sunset Point trail for a future date. I didn’t expect to take any photos, but I took my camera gear anyway. It was a short walk to the point. The sun was already down and I noticed the red cliffs to the north were glowing in the blue post-sunset light. Another photographer was passing me on the return from the point while I was still on my way. I asked about the vista. He noted that the glowing hills were the main attraction and that we could see that here. I set up my tripod right there and starting shooting until it was dark. The shot below was a 30 second exposure.

Blue Dusk

The next photo was taken at a pull-out on the Norton-Bullfrog Road. I was attracted to these yellow cottonwoods.

Robber’s Roost

The final photo in this collection is a place that I had seen in the photo’s of others. Here is a link to Chance Allred’s award winning photo. To find this place, I had to do a lot of trial-and-error research before leaving home. Once there, I had to figure out which dirt road to follow. And finally I had to walk a little over a mile in the open desert.

Launch of the Spire

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