Snow on Vulcan Mountain

Last week we had a cold front come through San Diego with snow levels dropping to around 4,000 feet. I had been hoping for “bad weather” and headed to Vulcan Mountain Wilderness Preserve, near Julian. It was the day after Thanksgiving and the tail end of the storm was just passing. Here are some of my images from this and the following day.

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This tree’s branches were reaching out in every direction.
This was captured at the high point of my hike. What an amazing tree. I love the way it was all by itself. To add to that, the fog and blowing snow hid the background completely. I loved taking pictures of this one and walked around it to get several angles. I call this one “Bad Hair Day.”
White Out
These were also at the top of the hill.

I returned to Vulcan Mountain the following day. The storm had passed, but the snow higher up was still fresh. If you look carefully, you can see two hikers near the center of the photo below.

Barren Cold
This is a scene in some dense trees at the top of the mountain. Stepping under these trees was like stepping into a refrigerator. It was colder under the trees than out in the open. And the trees were dropping snow and ice bombs. It was like standing in a melting ice box. I took several pictures, but decided not to press my luck by overstaying my welcome.
Snowy Limbs

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