Boucher Hill in the Mist

This past week brought rain and snow to the the San Diego Mountains. I took advantage of the “bad” weather to get out each day to scout for photos. The first outing brought me to Boucher Hill on Palomar Mountain. A few days later I returned with about 4-6 inches of fresh snow on the ground, but more on that in another post.

The Misty Forest – Black Oaks are the main tree in this area.
Three Douglas Firs – While hiking, I came across several Douglas Fir trees that had been drilled and filled with acorns by woodpeckers.
Acorn Alley – The mist was drifting in and out.
Acorn Store
Full Cupboard

To see these photos and a few more in my gallery, click here.

6 thoughts on “Boucher Hill in the Mist

  1. Hi Lawrence.
    I think it’s really fun to see those pics of acorns with your creative nomenclature. They made me cracked up.😂🤪


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