The Tall Ones – Part II

The next morning the redwood forest was under a layer of coastal fog that never completely lifted. This created soft, muted tones without the extreme darks and lights as experienced the previous day. I noticed that many photos from this day highlighted the tall trunks. The first three photos below are variations on one scene.

Reaching Earth
Redwood Trio in Motion

With the photo above I was experimenting with ICM (Intentional Camera Movement). Many images don’t work out when doing this. I felt that this one did. The next image, below, is the same scene.

Redwood Trio

The fog thinned just enough to allow rays of light to filter through the misty air. What a surprise! What a magical mood it created! Unfortunately, it didn’t last long and I wasn’t prepared with a composition. The shot below was the best I could do in the moment. However, on the following day, I had these same conditions for the entire time in the forest. Stay tuned…

Rays of the Sun – For a short time the fog cleared enough to let the sun do its magic in the mist – with rays of light penetrating the forest.
Small Beside Tall

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to be continued…

Into the Redwood Forest – Part I

I resonate with the forest. I love the cool greens and blues with the warm yellows. I love being under the shade of the canopy with sunlight spotlighting areas below. I love the peace and the rustle of a breeze in the leaves.

Redwood Forest – Early morning light filters through the forest canopy.
A Cool Morning
Light in the Forest – Sunlight illuminates the branches of this tree, leaving the background in darkness.
Rhododendron Song
The roots of a toppled redwood tree looks like some fantastical creature.
Clench the Earth – Trees sometime start out on a nursery log, a decomposing fallen tree. Eventually the nursery log rots away, leaving the new growth’s roots suspended over what used to be.

To view the complete collection, go to “Into the Redwood Forest.”

…to be continued