Cottonwoods in Autumn

iI based myself near Capitol Reef National Park in Utah for about a week at the end of October, exploring the park and areas around it for fall color. Cottonwoods are the most common tree and tends to grow along river plains. There was often a stark contrast between the lush river plain and the badlands or cliffs directly beyond.

I found the tree below while driving around, looking for interesting trees and scenes. I came back to it during the blue-hour a few days later.

Cottonwood in Meadow (Prints Available)
Thoughtful Cottonwood – These cottonwoods stood out starkly against the barren badlands with one fallen boulder just above.

Near the town of Escalante, I explored some along the creeks and rivers. To get to the natural bridge in the photo below and had to walk along the river, crossing it several times.

Under a Natural Bridge
Calf Creek Falls

Calf Creek Falls is a popular destination. I was lucky to be able to start my hike early and have the falls all to myself. When I was ready to leave, a group of 10 or more arrived at the falls.

Portrait of Cottonwood – beside the river (Prints Available)

5 thoughts on “Cottonwoods in Autumn

  1. Love the pictures, wish I was there with you guys, I haven’t been hiking for four weeks now, due to the knee issue. I go to swimming instead.

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