More Badlands of Utah

As I grow as a photographer, I enjoy the process of exploring a setting and creating an original composition. However, when I see the photos of others, and I can’t help but be influenced by this in my own composition. At other times I unknowingly fall into a great composition and later discover that the composition has been done by others already. For this next location, I didn’t know ahead of time, but I immediately recognized this as the location of other well-known photographers and their photographs. What a great location!

Most of the photos below were taken before the sun rose. The landscape reflected the pre-dawn light. The last photo was taken as the sun came over the horizon and added a warm glow to the sunward facing ridges.

Just a Stone (Prints Available)
Rock Waves (Prints Available)
The Blue Wall (Prints Available)
Pastel Ridges (Prints Available)
This photo is a panoramic stitching together of 4 vertical shots.

To see more from these badlands and areas around Capitol Reef National Park, click here.

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