Death Valley 2021

In early December I visited Death Valley National Park. There are amazing photo opportunities in the desert. I especially enjoy the sand dunes.

This first photo was taken at Zabrinski Point. I used my zoom to focus on patterns in the landscape. Another photographer with a client walked up behind me. He saw what I was shooting and commented that it looked like a tooth.

Tooth Roots
Sleeping Giant

This colorful scene was taken in another area of the park, along the Artist’s Palette drive.

Painted Hills

The area of the desert that calls to me above others are the dunes. One of the days was overcast and gave way to rain showers. I was walking on the dunes this day in the late afternoon. As I walked across the undulating dunes, I imagined I was walking on a turbulent ocean, frozen in time. It almost made me sea-sick.

The photos below were taken the following day, as the sun rose, casting long shadows in the sand.

Sand Swallow (Prints Available)
Sea of Dunes

I found this clump of green (below) in a shadowy bowl between the crests of dunes.

Stranded Sea Turtle

To see more from this collection, click here.

8 thoughts on “Death Valley 2021

  1. Love the zabrinski point photos with different shapes and colors.
    The sand dunes are so awesome with large curves and monotone colors of tan and shadows.


    1. I love it on the dunes and am heading back there, to Death Valley, tomorrow. I haven’t made it to the Algodones Dunes yet. Maybe this winter. Thanks for the comment! I look forward to hiking with you again soon.


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