The Neighborhood in May

The other day while taking photos of lilies in a neighbor’s garden, the owner came out. After letting me know that she didn’t mind me in her garden, she showed me the monarch butterfly caterpillar munching on the milkweed and chrysalis hanging on some flax.

Reaching Out
Leaf Climber
Chrysalis of a monarch butterfly hanging in the flax
Opening Lily

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Neighborhood Explorations

I continue to hike and explore the neighborhoods around my home. Some people come out their homes wondering what this stranger is doing. Though I am missing the wild settings of the mountains and hills, I am discovering some amazing photos in my neighborhood.

Below is my favorite of the last few days. On this day I was taking photos of roses in the shade. Within a few minutes, I noticed the sun was about to peek out from behind the edge of a house. There were a few seconds when the sun had not yet fully emerged, yielding a soft light. Once the sun was out, the moment was gone.

Emergence into the Light!
Buttercup Rose
Sunlight Rose
Old Man and the Sea

I found this sculpture of the man in a boat in a rock garden. I extracted the subject and placed it on it’s own background. This sculpture makes me think of Hemmingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea.”

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