The Neighborhood

I am taking advantage of these times to take a walking tours of the streets near my home. It is spring and flowers are everywhere, some wild, some not. I am working with black for backgrounds of many of these photos. To me these bright flowers on dark backgrounds symbolize the times we are currently living through. There is so much to be grateful for!

Crowned Daisy on Black
Sleeping Snail on a Crowned Daisy
Gathering Nectar
Sunflower on Black
Pride of Madeira
Brushed with Pollen

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Flowers and Falls

This post refers to two hikes. Click the links in the description below to see more photos for each hike.

I visited Cedar Creek Falls in the San Diego backcountry a few weeks ago. I was lucky to go when I did. Two days after I was there the trailhead parking was closed, one of the first trailheads to close due to Covid-19 social distancing. While the draw and for the hike was to photograph the falls, I also enjoyed the flowers and hillside.

The flower below was taken along another trail, Dripping Springs Trail just the other day.

Poppy Light
Grassy Hillside – on the Cedar Creek Trail
Cedar Creek Valley
Cedar Creek Falls