December Wanderings

I have been staying close to home and doing short photography trips. As a result, I have a eclectic collection of photos from various trips this time.

This first photo is from December 27, 2020 in the Laguna Mountains looking toward the coast. On Christmas day and I missed capturing a beautiful sunset that was occurring while I hiked, trying to reach this peak. So, I returned again two days later. I was lucky to have another great sunset.

Chaparral Sunset – The sun sets in the Laguna Mountains of San Diego.

The next day, December 28, I tried to go to Palomar Mountain State Park during a snow storm, but the road up the mountain was closed. A patrol office at the bottom of the mountain was turning away all except residents. But the following morning, after the storm had passed, I was up the mountain and into the snow at the start of the day.

Frozen – an Ice-Coated Twig at Palomar Mountain State Park

The next day, December 30, I hiked up to Double Peak at sunset. I often struggle to find an interesting composition for a photo that avoids a big green water tank. So, I am trying to stretch my thinking and find other possibilities. This time I found a location on a small hill below the peak that worked out nicely.

near the top of Double Peak

You can view more from this collection here.

Sunrise Warrior

One leafless willow tree with clumps mistletoe grasping its branches stands out in the meadow. In the past I called this tree Humble Warrior. I love the way one large limb bows low to the ground. I stood in the foggy meadow waiting for the dawning day to make something happen with the light. The moment came when the sun broke through the mist over a distant ridge. The fog cleared just enough to reveal the disc of sun. In a moment another wave of fog concealed it again. My new name for this tree is Sunrise Warrior.

Foggy Dawn
Sunrise Warrior 2
Sunrise Warrior 4

I added these photos to my previously published Lake Henshaw collection.