Del Dios Dawn

About a week ago, I made two trips to a local hilltop viewpoint, overlooking Lake Hodges, Rancho Bernardo, Poway, and Mount Woodson. I spent about an hour there each time, watching the predawn glow of blue hour turn to gold and finally for the sun to rise. Both days provided a layer of high clouds that caught the glow and reflected in the lake and landscape.  On my first trip, I was with another photographer friend, Alexander Kunz, who also got some great photos and posted here: Del Dios Highlands Dawn.

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To see more photos from this morning and the previous one click here.

On previous visits, there were low clouds on the lake and in the valley below.  I was able to climb above the clouds to the lookout.  You can view other posts from this location here; Sunrise at Del Dios Highlands (2019) and Sage and Sunrise (2020).

A Ray of Light

In my December Wandering post, I mentioned finding a place on Double Peak that avoids a big green water tower in my photo. I returned to this spot again the other day for a spectacular sunset. Just as the sun was going over the horizon a single ray from the sun reached out and touched the landscape. This was an effect created in the camera by the lens. It was not in the scene, but my camera graciously added it.

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A Ray of Light
Goodnight San Marcos