A Ray of Light

In my December Wandering post, I mentioned finding a place on Double Peak that avoids a big green water tower in my photo. I returned to this spot again the other day for a spectacular sunset. Just as the sun was going over the horizon a single ray from the sun reached out and touched the landscape. This was an effect created in the camera by the lens. It was not in the scene, but my camera graciously added it.

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A Ray of Light
Goodnight San Marcos

Laguna Mountain Sunset

I returned to Garnet Peak in the Laguna Mountains this week. I arrived early enough before sunset to search for a new composition. I ended up in the same location as the previous week, but a bit closer to the rocks. I really like these rocks. You can see them from the road when hiking here. The one rock on the left, stands out by itself and makes me think of Stonehenge.

Stone Hedge
Hat Rock Sunset

I stayed for about an hour after sunset, watching the clouds ignite with color and fade away. This is the same location I visited in December. Here is a link to that post, December Wanderings with the previous composition.

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