More Badlands of Utah

As I grow as a photographer, I enjoy the process of exploring a setting and creating an original composition. However, when I see the photos of others, and I can’t help but be influenced by this in my own composition. At other times I unknowingly fall into a great composition and later discover that the composition has been done by others already. For this next location, I didn’t know ahead of time, but I immediately recognized this as the location of other well-known photographers and their photographs. What a great location!

Most of the photos below were taken before the sun rose. The landscape reflected the pre-dawn light. The last photo was taken as the sun came over the horizon and added a warm glow to the sunward facing ridges.

Just a Stone (Prints Available)
Rock Waves (Prints Available)
The Blue Wall (Prints Available)
Pastel Ridges (Prints Available)
This photo is a panoramic stitching together of 4 vertical shots.

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Cliffs of Dawn

I didn’t know that I was about to stumble into a photographic “goldmine.” I think I read a reference to this overlook in a book that I was carrying around with me. I was driving the back roads of the area, following some suggestions from this book. I pulled over a few times and did some exploration for photo compositions. At one of these stops, I met another photographer. Among other things he suggested I check out this locations. I did that afternoon as it was already in my mind. BUT I had no idea what I would find.

This first photo was take on that afternoon. The sky was mostly overcast, so there were no strong shadow and contrasts in the badlands.

Desert Varnish (Prints Available)

I returned the following morning, well before sunrise to watch as the landscape caught the morning light.

Glowing Cliffs – This was taken about 1/2 hour before sunrise.
Cliffs of Dawn (Prints Available)

Above is the expansive view, still well before sunrise. I returned to this location one last time a few days later, hoping for more clouds and color in the sky. I didn’t get it, but the scene was fantastic anyway. I decided to put some of the cliffs which I was standing on in the foreground to give a bit more perspective.

Dawn (Prints Available)

There was another photographer on the cliffs close by that I chatted with. I include the photo below to give some perspective of the cliffs on which we stood. The drop-off was sharp and dramatic!

Photographer on the Edge