Del Dios Dawn

About a week ago, I made two trips to a local hilltop viewpoint, overlooking Lake Hodges, Rancho Bernardo, Poway, and Mount Woodson. I spent about an hour there each time, watching the predawn glow of blue hour turn to gold and finally for the sun to rise. Both days provided a layer of high clouds that caught the glow and reflected in the lake and landscape.  On my first trip, I was with another photographer friend, Alexander Kunz, who also got some great photos and posted here: Del Dios Highlands Dawn.

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To see more photos from this morning and the previous one click here.

On previous visits, there were low clouds on the lake and in the valley below.  I was able to climb above the clouds to the lookout.  You can view other posts from this location here; Sunrise at Del Dios Highlands (2019) and Sage and Sunrise (2020).

Sage and Sunrise

A few years ago, I hiked up this hilltop near my home and was struck by the abundance and density of these vibrant purple flowers. I had never seen them before and have never since seen so many clustered in one place. I made a note of the time of year – late June and early July. On the following year, I returned around the same time for the same wonderful display. Later that year I returned in the fall (without the flowers) to capture the sunrise. You can see those photos here. Just a few days ago, I returned again, this time to capture the sage and sunrise.

5:52 am – Sunrise
5:53 am – Hilltop Garden
5:54 am – Sun and Sage
Light on Cleveland Sage

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