Day 14 ~ Renjo Pass (17,500 ft)

Today’s walk was a highlight of the trip!  The climb from Gokyo (15,774 ft) to Renjo Pass (17,500 ft) was slow and tedious. It took 4 hours of step-step-rest/breathe, step-step-rest/breathe, step-step-rest/breathe.  When it became steeper, I took one step for every breath. On the way up we kept looking behind us as the immense summit of Everest grew over the already magnificent peaks.  On Renjo Pass, we had our last and best views of Mt. Everest.  The day was clear with no clouds over Everest!  After the pass, we started our descent. We would not be this high again and I didn’t want to leave the high altitude beauty.  I was savoring every moment as we descended past lakes and ledges to the village of Lundgen (14,371 ft).  It was the one of the best walks ever!

Click here to see the photos.

Everest over Gokyo
Mt. Everest towers above Gokyo.

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