Sunrise and Sunset on Garnet Peak

I visited Garnet Peak in the Laguna Mountains for sunset and then again for sunrise on the following morning. It was a remarkably clear sky for sunset. One could see all the way to the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Salton Sea on the other. I arrived near the peak well before sunset and found these beautiful rocks catching the evening light. The next morning I began hiking in the dark at 6am and was on the peak by 6:30. I hope to return soon.

I went up to Garnet Peak in the evening to check out the scene for a morning shoot. I was rewarded with wonderful light that night and an audience of stones.
It was a cloudless sky, so I didn’t expect much, but the light was wonderful. I was able to look west and see the Pacific Ocean. Looking east is the mountains drop down to the Anza Borrego desert and El Centro in the distance.
The next morning I was on the peak before the sun rose. There were three others there also, the last day of daylight savings time. The next day we would have to come an hour early to be there at sunrise.
This is the shot from the following morning, looking down a few thousand feet over the Anza Borrego Desert.
As I was leaving I found this scene on the back side of Garnet Peak.

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3 thoughts on “Sunrise and Sunset on Garnet Peak

    1. My best shot from that visit seems to be Audience of Stone. The light was really great! When I went back this past week, I was surprised to see that those stones appear much larger in my photo than they actually are. I was wondering what that peak in the background is called, Granite Peak. Thanks. I captured that mountain again this past week. I’ll post that soon.


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