Back to Garnet Peak

These days, I am exploring places that are close to home, usually in San Diego County. Garnet Peak is one of those places, so I returned last week. After the drive, it is a 1 mile hike to the peak from Sunrise Highway. I hiked up to the peak for sunset and sunrise the following morning. I think my favorite shot of the morning was the one below of Granite Mountain.

Desert View (version 2): The peak in the center is Granite Mountain.
Desert View Panorama: Vallecito Valley and Granite Peak in Anza Borrego Desert State Park

I also liked my shot of the twisted dead tree on the Garnet Peak. That shot and my trips to Garnet Peak were inspired by Alexander Knuz, another local photographer. You can see his photo “Summer Dawn at Garnet Peak” here.

Twisted Tree

After sunrise morning photos on Garnet Peak, I headed to the Julian area and down the Banner Grade road looking for fall colors. I pulled over at one area and started exploring along a creek with flowing water.

Gold en Green

A trail led up the canyon which I followed. I shortly came upon an abandoned gold mine. Wow! I put on my headlamp and ventured in disturbing some bats. The passage went on further than I dared. It was a bit spooky since I was by myself.

Inside an Abandoned Gold Mine: After sunrise on Garnet Peak, I went looking for fall color around the town of Julian. In my wanderings, I came across a trail beside a creek with water (rare this time of year). After following the trail some distance I came to an abandoned gold mine. Cool! I put on my headlamp and ventured deep into the mountain with a few fluttering bats for company.

You can view more photos here.

One thought on “Back to Garnet Peak

  1. I never heard of Garnet Peak before; beautiful and amazing photography, Lawrence, as always.  Keep ’em coming!!!  Much appreciated; RS, Louise

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