Rays of Light – Part III

A magical day! From the moment I entered the forest until after I left, the forest was filled with a light misty fog, often with light beams raining through the trees. The thickness of the mist shifted and the beams of light often vanished to appear someplace else. Even when there were no beams, the soft sunlight created a wonderful mystical glow. I loved moving about, exploring, and searching for photo compositions.

Misty Rays
Forest Panorama – This is a series of 6 photos stitched together into a Panorama.
A Moment in Time
Stranger in Forest

There were other photographers nearby and one of them pointed out the fogbow – a rainbow effect created by the misty air. You can faintly see it in the next two photos.

Forest Rainbow

To view the complete collection, go to “Into the Redwood Forest.”

To be continued…

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