Forest Concerto – Part IV

When I saw these two trees in the spotlight, I knew that I had a special scene. How could I express (in titles) the feeling I got from this scene and throughout the forest on this day? I used to play music and that was my answer. These two trees conveyed such strong sense of purpose, of presence, of distinction yet inclusion. They are not proud, though they take the spotlight. I would like to introduce to you…

The Duet – Two young redwood trees capture the spotlight.

I loved how the filtered light fell on the trees, giving them center stage. As I continued to photograph, the light shifted until the two trees were no longer the stars.

Shared Spotlight
Intrigued – two other photographers on the trail
Lean on Me – A young redwood leans on its older sibling.
Shades of Green – The new growth of a rhododendron takes on a lighter shade of green.
In Dappled Light – The rhododendron tree thrives in the dappled shade of the understory of the forest.
The Finally – This was one of my last photos before leaving the misty redwoods, taken with my phone.

To view the complete collection, go to “Into the Redwood Forest.”

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