Flora of the Redwood Forest

As amazing as the redwood trees, are the plants of the understory. When I was not looking up, I found myself crouching low or using my 400mm zoom to get close to the plants and flowers.

Maidenhair Fern – A wall of maidenhair fern was growing alongside the start of one of the trails.
Swordfern beside a Log
Swordfern Mustache

Oxalis or Redwood Sorrel was a clover-like plant that I found in abundance throughout the forest. This plant is edible and has a tangy, lemony taste.

Redwood Sorrel …or Oxalis

Another common plant that I found flowering up and down the Pacific Northwest coastal region was thimbleberry.

Thimbleberry & Bud
Lemon Thimbleberry

Here are a few other of the flowering plants.

Western Starflower with Poison Oak
Hover Fly on a Western Starflower
Columbian Windflower or western white anemone
Cow Parsnip
Forest Lantern – Some common names of this plant are Andrew’s Clintonia, Red Clintonia, or Western Bluebead Lily.
Western Lily of the Valley

To see more of this collection go to “Flora of the Redwood Forest.”

To view the redwood forest collection, go to “Into the Redwood Forest.”

8 thoughts on “Flora of the Redwood Forest

  1. Dear Lawrence,

    These are beautiful!! I feel like I am there again!!

    I’m too low tech to comment on the site itself, but I wanted to thank you for sharing these.




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