Queets Rainforest at Olympic National Park

In mid-May, I joined a photo workshop for five days in Olympic National Park. We camped at one of the less-visited rainforests in the park. The forest was often chaotic, with things growing in all directions. It was challenging finding and creating photo compositions, but I enjoyed the challenge and being in the forest. I was always seeking the light and letting it guide me.

One evening we went to an area beside the river. The river created an opening and allowed the late-day sunlight to filter into the forest. The first three photos are from that evening.

Fern Flourishing – A cluster of ferns and oxalis catch the last rays of sun at the feet of a giant cedar tree.
Trio (of trees)
Forest Den – Light shines into the forest from a nearby river.

One of the amazing features of the rainforest are nursery logs. A fallen tree becomes a nursery when seedlings sprout on of the decaying log. As the new tree grows, its roots reach through and around the log. Eventually the fallen tree totally decomposes leaving a network of exposed roots.

Nursery Log – Moss and young trees grow on the fallen cedar.
Clutching the Earth – This giant cedar wrapped its roots around a nursery log long ago.
Grasping the Earth
Giant Cedar Stump – Cedars are the giants of this forest. This old stump is a nursery for new growth.
New Bloom of Thimbleberry – on the forest floor
Maple in the Sun – Sunlight shines through the leaves of a vine maple.

To see more photos from this trip, click here.

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