News and Awards

I am honored that I had several of my printed photos selected to win awards at the San Diego Fair’s Exhibition of Photography. I entered 15 photos. Of those 9 were selected to be printed and further judged for the exhibition. Of those 9, 6 won an award.

The highest honor went to “Rainforest Den,” receiving the “Coordinator’s Award.” This photo is displayed on the first wall you see when entering the exhibition beside the “Best of Show” photo. The photo titled, ” Lines in the Sand”, taken at Death Valley National Park won an overall Honorable Mention. The three on the bottom row, each received 4th place in their respective categories. Emerging Rose and Garnett Peak each received a “Donated Award” from different photo groups.

Tips from Photographers
Award Winning Photographers Share Tips on How to Succeed

As a result of getting various awards, I was asked to be part of a panel discussion at the fair on Saturday June 25 from 7-9PM. If you live in the area and wish to stop by, I would love to see you there.

Prints for Sale

In other news, most of my photos area available to purchase as prints. I updated my website to include information about purchasing prints. You can view this here.

Prints on Display

Finally, I printed several photos for a friend’s dental office in San Marcos. Three of them were large prints, 72 by 48 inches. They really came great! People are commenting that they look like paintings! Here are some photos from her office.

Dancers in the Meadow, Zion National Park, 2020
Hilltop Garden, San Diego 2019
Audience of Stones (on the right), Laguna Mountains for San Diego, November 2019

Coming soon: I will post more photos from my 3-week road trip. The next posts will focus on the redwoods on the northern California coast. Thanks for following along!

6 thoughts on “News and Awards

  1. Congratulations! This is all so beautiful! Well done, Lawrence! Thank you for sharing the success you experience when following your passion and pursuing your dreams. Your application of talent and skills brings beauty and joy to many. Of course you are helping others at the same time!


  2. Wow congratulations on your awards and panel discussion invitation!!! The beginning of a new phase— submitting your photos and hanging them in businesses. So happy more folks will see and enjoy them!

    We just spent the day walking on the beach near Florence. Lovely day! Tomorrow Satsang with Jimmy and then Monday silver falls. No rain and some sun today. We lucked out.

    Tonight all snug in our trailer.

    RS Wendy and Steve

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  3. Hello Lawrence I am so happy for you. Robert saw your photos at the fair and I can’t wait to see them. I wish I could be there on the 25th but Robert and I will be in Colorado. So proud to know you Rima

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